More than just RV's we are expanding our product offerings.

East Coast Docks

The EZ Dock family of products is as unique and versatile as the waterways to which it provides access. You can choose from numerous sizes and shapes of our modular, floating dock sections to meet almost any challenge and get the exact configuration required for your location. Plus, we offer a full line of easy-to-use boat and PWC lifts and dock accessories to create your perfect waterfront environment. 

From commercial functions to personal recreation uses, our modular designs and easy-to-use storage and launching components allow you to create the ideal dock for your needs and environment. You can even add to your dock later should your needs change.


Eco Home Insulation Systems

Ecohome Insulation began as a spray foam insulation company when we were rental property owners faced with freezing pipes, hard-to-heat drafty homes, high heating bills and frustrated tenants. We were using traditional insulation with high energy ratings. What was wrong? We researched insulation products in North America for over two years, and our decision became clear: Spray foam insulation is the best insulation on the planet, for the planet.


Truckboss Sled Decks

The TRUCKBOSS Expandable Deck will easily accommodate two snowmobiles. The TRUCKBOSS Filp extension can be added to shortbox configurations so that you can carry long track sleds. With sealed under deck storage you can keep your gear dry and secure.

Add the SMARTBOXX and your gear be dry, secure, and easy to access! We also offer numerous lighting options, the ability to add a winch, and other useful accessories such as the traction ladder, Track Bar, Ramp Grips …. and much more!